HOLIDAYS: It’s fun going to the dark side…

I don’t know any joy as an actor better than getting to do character work. There is so much freedom in playing the weirdos, the misfits, the villains. Maybe it’s because I always felt like one of them growing up. Still do. Well, not the villain, LOL… but the kid who belonged on the other side of the tracks. So getting the opportunity to play roles like those are the “icing on the cake” for me as an artist and the rare times when I really get to totally disappear into my work.

I’ve always felt like a character actor stuck in a leading man’s body so opportunities to play “character” roles don’t come along that often. So when I got the call from producer and friend Gabriela Revilla Lugo inquiring about my interest in playing a creepy, repulsive, sociopath in “New Years Eve”- part of the horror anthology HOLIDAYS she had helped produce (Gabby produced “Christmas”) being directed by  SOME KIND OF HATE‘s Adam Egypt Mortimer – I didn’t just jump at the opportunity… I took a swan dive into it!

After sending Adam three possible looks for Reggie’s hair – and he picked the absolute worst one – I knew I was onto something good. And so it was, a few days later, I found myself reveling in the repulsive, greasy haired, rotten teeth splendor of Reggie as I crawled across the floor of a sound stage in downtown LA – dirty, bruised, exhausted and covered in fake blood. It was bliss, ladies and gentlemen. Pure bliss.

What an honor it was to find out last month that HOLIDAYS would be making it’s World Premiering at the prestigious 2016 TRIBECA FILM FESTIVAL, releasing world-wide following day and theatrically a few days later! How cool is that! Sometimes the stars align and you just get lucky.

HOLIDAYS anthology, produced by John Hegeman and Adam Egypt Mortimer,  features 8 original short “holiday” themed tales – each directed by some of the most exciting directors working today. “New Years Eve” – Adam ‘s fantastic contribution to the anthology – is a creepy, darkly funny tale of two individuals (me and the outstanding Lorenza Izzo) who’s “not so good intentions” end up colliding in a night from hell.  A wonderfully twisted romp with a twist you’ll never see coming, NYE was fantastically written by Kevin Kölsch & Dennis Widmyer (who also wrote/directed “Valentine’s Day” segment) and produced by Georg Kallert and Peter Nieves.
“New Years Eve” was a total blast to shoot and it’s very humbling to be included among the incredible names who made HOLIDAYS the celebrated film it is. Adam’s talent behind the camera is impossible to ignore, Megan Duffy’s fierce vulnerability elevated the whole piece and Lorenza… my fantastic cohort in crime. Chemistry is a word I don’t use often. It has a very different meaning in the film world. In the film world, it just means that certain people have to ability to create something unique on screen when they work together. All I can say about Lorenza is – when we make our horror version of Mr. and Mrs. Smith… It’s gonna make a fortune.
Here’s the trailer, enjoy the Holidays and I’ll see ya’ll in NYC next week!
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