Above: Tribeca Film Festival 2016 – HOLIDAYS cast featured by Entertainment Weekly. (Savannah Kennick, Jocelin Donahue, Megan Duffy, Ruth Bradley, Isolt McCaffrey, Andrew Bowen, Madeleine Coghlan, and Clare Grant)

“You know the last segment in any anthology wants to end on a high note, and that’s certainly also the case for the Holidays horror anthology. The fact that it takes place on the last holiday of the year, New Year’s Eve, opens up to all sorts of interesting “bangs”. We start out by watching Reggie “end things” with his current partner, before setting out to find a new relationship. In his quest, he finds Jean (or rather, she finds him) and this time it looks like a perfect match. Lorenza Izzo (The Green Inferno) is once again spot-on with her portrayal, and this time she also has an equally crazy good man to play across in Andrew Bowen. He delivers a perfect comedic timing to Izzo’s beautiful craziness and makes for a perfect ending to the anthology with a creepy and very funny short.” – HeavenOfHorror

“Adam Egypt Mortimer (director of Some Kind of Hate, which is worth checking out) presents a simple story of a lunatic who plans to kill his date… only she has some plans of her own. It’s OK if you’ve already halfway predicted how this story ends, because there are a few twists this time, and the two leads are pretty great. It all plays out like some horrific live-action Tom & Jerry cartoon, and that’s meant to be a compliment.” – Nerdist

“Finally, we have New Year’s. Reggie is a crazy guy with bad teeth who lurks dating sites and kills women because they don’t respond to him with love. So what happens when he happens upon a new date with the same ideas he has? New Year’s is a great closer to the series, and is definitely the best of the pack. Sticking with the same rating scheme, this one would have to be the “great” one in the group.” – HorrorFreakNews

“Last is the quick “New Year’s,” which is helmed by Adam Egypt Mortimer. Starring Lorenza Izzo as a quiet girl who unwittingly goes on a online date from hell with a murderer, this tale has some nice twists that gorehounds will enjoy.” – Indiewire

“Holidays ends as the year does on New Year’s Eve. Written by Kevin Kölsch and Dennis Widmyer, New Year’s gives Some Kind of Hate director Adam Egypt Mortimer a chance to show what he can do with someone else’s material. It stars rising scream queen Lorenza Izzo as one half of a 96% matched blind date. The night spins out of control and ends the film with a massive bang.” – TheHollywoodNews

“Rounding the whole enterprise off is Egypt Mortimer’s New Year’s Eve, which sees a serial killer trying to find someone to kiss when the ball drops on the biggest night of the year. And Egypt Mortimer ends Holidays on a high note.” – Wicked Horror

“Finally, Adam Egypt Mortimer, working from a script by Kolsch and Widmyer, closes things out with “New Year’s Eve.” Keying in to emotions directly related to this night, they present a couple (enthusiastically played by genre regulars Andrew Bowen and Lorenza Izzo) who meet via on on-line dating service, and demonstrate who there are worse things than being alone as the Times Square ball drops. This is the most gruesome of the segments, and Mortimer brings to it the same bloody black-comic relish with which he handled his feature SOME KIND OF HATE.” – Fangoria

“The movie wraps up with this bit of nastiness from Adam Egypt Mortimer (Some Kind of Hate). On the night of December 31, a psycho killer goes on a blind date with a woman who may be more demented than he is. Stylishly crafted with a clever incorporation of the Times Square ball-drop, this tale provides a satisfying conclusion to the project.” – The Aisle Seat


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