[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Born in Boston and raised in Vermont, Andrew Bowen’s 30 year career in the film and television industry began at the age of 6 when, after watching the movie GREASE, he announced to his parents that he planned to “be like John Travolta” when he grew up.

Andrew went on to appearin his first play a year later and spent his youth studying dance, martial arts, appearing in dozens of musicals and spending his weekends reading Marvel Comics and going to the movies.  Immersed in 80’s cinema and the movies of John Hughes, James Cameron and Steven Spielberg, it wasn’t long until Andrew fell in love with cinema. That infectious love for cinema, acting and a flair for comedy landed him a theatrical agent in High School, were he began commuting to NYC for Auditions.

The day after he graduated from High School, Andrew drove to NYC and got an apartment with friends to start auditioning full time. Four months later, he landed his first acting role as George Stark in the Bill Murray/Richard Dreyfus comedy “What About Bob?”. With his SAG card in hand, Andrew moved to LA a year later to continue acting and began studying screenwriting at USC Film School.

Andrew continued to find steady acting work and spent the next few years building his resume. Hearing James Cameron planned on making a Spider-Man film, Andrew emptied his bank account to act, write and direct a short film as an audition piece for him to play Peter Parker. Although Cameron’s Spider-Man film fell through, it was the making of that short that solidified Andrew’s desire to direct. Andrew started writing screenplays during his down time between acting jobs, determined to one day make a feature film. His big break as an actor arrived when he was cast as a series regular on FOX’s long running sketch comedy series MAD TV (where his impressions of Keanu Reeves and Nic Cage are still legendary). A year later, Bowen raised the funds to finance a coming of age drama he’d written called THE HAVEN – which he directed and acted in that summer. The finished film earned a “Best Picture” Award at its festival debut, but the illegal actions of the friend Andrew had hired to produce the film locked it in legal issues that kept it from being released. Although an edited version of film (re-titled ALONG THE WAY) secured a small digital release 12 years later, Andrew’s hopes of it launching his writing and directing career were gone.
Despite begin heartbroken over his film, Andrew kept writing and continued to act, appearing in over 87 Film and TV productions, over 150 national commercials and working with entertainment greats from Gale Anne Hurd (Aliens, The Walking Dead) and James Mangold (Logan, Ford VS Ferrari) to Lasse Hallström (What’s Eating Gilbert Grape) and Jason Reitman (Juno, Ghostbusters: Afterlife).

Some of Andrew’s notable acting credits include his beautiful work opposite Uma Thurman in THE GIFT, as the repulsively funny Reggie in the horror anthology HOLIDAYS and his multiple incarnations of Jack in the autism drama A BOY CALLED PO. Andrew has also lent his Voice Talents to brands from LEXUS to McDONALDS and some of the most successful video game titles of all time including voicing fan favorite character “Johnny Cage” in WB’s massive video game series MORTAL KOMBAT.

In 2018, Andrew shifted focus back to his storytelling aspirations and wrote, produced, edited, production designed, acted and directed a comedic, sci-fi, action-adventure short film called The 716Th. A M.A.S.H. in deep space meets Guardians Of The Galaxy, the ambitious and hugely entertaining short landed a world premier at The 2018 Tribeca Film Festival. The short film’s combination of comedy, high adventure, endearing characters, scope and incredible visual effects (a remarkable feat considering the 12K budget Andrew had) garnered amazing critical reviews. That and the short’s overwhelmingly positive audience reception led to it making its public debut on Amazon Prime Video’s  Film Festival Stars program, where the film earned a 5 OUT OF 5 STAR customer rating and was awarded a top prize for audience engagement.

Andrew’s work with The 716th has led to meetings with companies including SKYDANCE, PARAMOUNT, LEGENDARY, JOINT EFFORT and MARVEL . While continuing his work as an actor,  Andrew is currently in active development on several directing projects including his expanded TV series version of The 716th – comedic sci-fi, family adventure film THE MCAULIFFE EQUATION and a psychological horror film/creature feature title SCENT. Working with best friend and producing partner Jon Alvord (VFX supervisor and producer on The 716th), Bowen and their remarkable VFX team might just be poised to do for sci-fi what Jason Blum did for horror.



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