Raised on a steady diet of Marvel Comics, Science Fiction and Action Movies from the 80’s and 90’s – Andrew Bowen is a multi-talented actor, writer, director and producer – whose infectious passion for cinema, comedy and character-driven storytelling has been a driving force behind his more than 30 career in the entertainment industry.

AB’s career began at the age of 6, after watching the movie GREASE and announcing to his parents that he wanted to be like ‘John Travolta’ when he grew up. Never straying from the acting path, AB eventually landed his first acting role in the film ‘WHAT ABOUT BOB?’ starring Bill Murray and Richard Dreyfuss, directed by Frank Oz and produced by the late Laura Ziskin. Although AB role as George Stark was reduced to ‘an extra that just wouldn’t go away’ – his experience on the film got him his SAG card – some great relationships with some movie making titans – and laid the seeds for his eventual journey into writing and directing.

As an actor, AB big break came from his casting as Jack Freemont the Capcom’s live-action “Fox Hunt” game – a his hilarious debut that let to hime becoming a series regular on Fox’s  Mad TV (where his impressions of Keanu Reeves and Nic Cage are legendary). AB has continued to find success guest starring and reccurring on dozens of TV shows (including Shameless, NCIS, Magic City, Leverage and ER) starring in numerous feature films (including All For Nikki, Conjurer, The Work & The Glory (part 1 and 2) and Rock Jocks) and appearing in well as over 150 national commercials. AB has worked with industry legends from Gale Anne Hurd (Aliens, The Walking Dead), James Mangold (IJ5, Logan) Lasse Hallström (What’s Eating Gilbert Grape) and more. Some notable acting credits include his work opposite Uma Thurman in THE GIFT, his repulsively funny turn as Reggie in the Blumhouse horror anthology HOLIDAYS and his multiple incarnations of ‘Jack’ in the independent autism drama A BOY CALLED PO.

AB has lent his voice-talent to brands from Lexus, Jeep, NAVY, McDonalds – and been featured in some of the most successful video game titles of all time. AB is most known for his hysterical work as Johnny Cage in hugely popular global franchise MORTAL KOMBAT. AB has voiced Johnny in the game since MKX  and will be reprising the role for a third time in the highly anticipated MK1 (coming in September 2023).

An accomplished screenwriter and director, AB has written several feature films and made his directing debut with the feature film ‘ALONG THE WAY’.  Written and directed by AB (who also played one of the films supporting leads) the film became a festival darling and award winner that eventually debuted on Netflix. AB jumped behind the camera again 2018 – writing, directing, acting, editing, producing and production designing a comedic, sci-fi, action- adventure short titled ‘THE 716TH’. Produced alongside Jon Alvord, Jenn Page, John Maclay (and executive produced by Daniel C. Allison), the film’s M.A.S.H. in space meets GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY combination of high adventure, comedy, endearing characters and incredible visual effects (a remarkable feat considering the films 1oK budget), lead it to World Premier at the 2018 Tribeca Film Festival. It’s overwhelmingly positive audience reception and critical attention (it was named “Best Sci-Fi Short” by the 2018 Slozy Awards) led the film to make its public debut on Amazon Prime Video (where it can currently be seen). The short became a catalyst for AB to re-focus his attention on directing which has lead to meetings with Skydance, Paramount, Bad Robot, Legendary, Marvel and others to discuss potential projects.

AB recently formed Anatomic Pictures (a production banner with his 716TH producers DCA and JA) and has been busy writing and developing a dynamic slate of Film & TV projects that include the action film DECISION HEIGHT (his SPEED in a helicopter in NYC on Christmas Eve), his comedic, sci-fi adventure trilogy THE MCAULIFFE EQUATION and a feature film and expanded TV Series based on ’THE 716TH’.

Intrigued by it’s storytelling possibilities, AB has been immersing himself in the application virtual production. AB believes the technology is the future of film – and an invaluable ‘cost cutting’ tool for filmmakers to enhance fast paced action, scope and help talent to be more immersed in their environments to elevate performance (regardless of budget constraints).

Next up for AB is a psychological horror film/creature feature he wrote titled SCENT that he is attached to direct and produce with his Anatomic Pictures partners.


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